Our Delta 8 Cartridge is 850mg per Unit. 

- Full Spectrum infused at an 8:1 custom blend D8:CBD.

- This unit is 510 thread compatible and a Full Ceramic coil - 100% heavy metal safe. 


Flavors: Super Lemon Haze,  Blue Dream, Terple Berry Kush, BoZo 



- T1 x Spectrum = (CCC BoZo) 

  BoZo is a very earthy / diesel profile and sure to help aid you in your quest for comfort and enjoyment of a burst of flavor like no other! Settle in for a calming effect and smooth flavor as this new profile brings new boundaries to vaping. 


* Terpleberry Kush* (NEW CCC HYBRID) 

- Therapy x Spectrum = (CCC Terpleberry Kush)

 Terple Berry Kush is a gushing burst of earthy, sweet berry, floral pop that will keep you coming for more! This is a new team favorite!  Dont just trust our word, TRY IT !


*Super Lemon Haze* 

  The terpene profile of Super Lemon Haze is primarily lemon forward made for an uplifting experience that can asssist in boosting creativity with an energetic yet relaxing effect.  


*Blue Dream*

  The terpene profile of Blue Dream is a sweet blueberry essence that yields euphoric and creative experiences for all. This well known variety is known for its flavor and mood enhancing abilities. 

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