Carolina Canna has manufactured our same topical line without the essential oils in our topical salve. This is our most effective topical blend made custom for all aches, pains and for any age. Use this when your pet injures themselves, suffers from hot spots, or daily aches and pains. The complexity of magnesium oil, arnica and full spectrum hemp extract are a trifecta against inflammation. Our custom blend of hydrating organic oils Jojoba, coconut and Shea butter will carry the plant oils into the tissue at a cellular level. 

If digested do not be concerned as all ingredients are organic and food grade safe. 

Pet - Muscle Rub

SKU: 0008
  • Full Spectrum Extract coupled with the power of magnesium, this is great for young and old pets! Use before or after your daily walks and in those times of aches and pains throughout the day. 


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