Turmeric is rich in Curcumin, a powerful antioxident rich in biological properties that is known for its ability to assist in chronic pain and inflammation. Infused with our (FSE) capsules this blend is more suited to assist in pain and inflammation. 


Cannabinoids can be taken in a number of ways. We produce (FSE) capsules as a familiar vessel to daily vitamins and supplements. Carolina Canna capsules are bovine free, gluten free and vegan friendly with full spectrum extract infused fractionated coconut oil (MCT) suspension. We are producing high quality all natural capsules that will become bioavailable within minutes lower in the gut than tincture. The slow release of capsulation is an added benefit to the GI as an anti inflammatory unit and great way to harness the digestive benefits of extract. Capsules serve well anytime of the day for anxiety and calming effects which are great for sleep patterns as well. 

Plants and people have a unique relationship, we share DNA with plants as our bodies recognize their properties and put them quickly to work. 

-22 seconds for molecules to reach the brain
-2 minutes for oils to be found in the blood stream
-20 minutes until oils effect almost every cell in the body.


Capsules - Turmeric - Full Spectrum Extract



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