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My cannabis journey started when I was about 20 years old… When I was in and out of the (GI) Gastrointestinal doctors in Asheville, North Carolina with extreme nausea and digestion issues… which subsequently created a lot of anxiety internally about what was going on with me and my body? My parents were great support through it all as I was going through scan after scan, about 2-3 weeks in the hospital, a water and rice diet, tested for food allergies, and was offered a trial surgery that would simply realign my intestines… At this age I couldn’t believe my options were surgery supported by consistent supply of pain medicine and Xanax for anxiety… #OpiodEpidemic

To give you bearing this was in 2009 and like many, I had friends who were really struggling with the toxic addictions from big pharma so I took matters into my own hands, addiction scared me. North Carolina didn’t have sensible hemp/ cannabis laws in place yet…North Carolina has had an #OpioidCrisis like the rest of the country without cannabis programs for far too long… I knew that I wanted to be a law abiding citizen and couldn’t afford a drug addiction to occur, so I did what needed to be done, and I packed my life and took a leap of faith…and went on a journey that would solidify my future!

I packed up my life and moved to Colorado to obtain a medical license for the only medicine that was working for me, #Cannabis #NoAddiction. I was able to form great relationships with #Caregivers who were producing oils for #patients like myself and quickly found myself assisting them in their day to day projects. These were industry leaders in Colorado, pioneering an industry that was far overdue and still is federally. The life experience with these industry professionals was absolutely life changing and set me on a path to become an educator and licensed producer for a new crop of patients with chronic pain and nausea, people like me that I could relate to. I was finally able to achieve a healthy digestion with less anxiety, and do some of the normal activities a 20 year old does in Colorado from hiking to snow sports.

I spent a solid 5 years in the beautiful state of Colorado and lived all over the place; Denver, Silverplume, Silverthorne, Nederland, and Boulder before I decided it was time to move back east in 2014… I missed my family and moved back east to set root and begin looking for the next chapter of my life. I quickly met my now wife, Laura; and we got married in Greensboro NC. Before I knew it life was headed down its own path organically, but my dad fell ill and was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and I fought a tough fight by his side for a short 6 months before he passed in February of 2016…My mission had always been real but this experience renewed the sense of urgency in my life to do something for people, something that gave my life experience and education a Farm to Patient focus… #RIPHBMIII #NCFarmtoPatient

In 2016, I had started working at a local organic farm as the organic production manager overseeing cover crop and produce productions. “You are what you eat” - I was living with a drive to better peoples diet and to live a life that was keeping me in the agricultural industry to be prepared for the legality of hemp as it moved to North Carolina in 2017. Shortly after hemp became legal with the Hemp Pilot Program in 2017 I met my business partner - Sager West at a mutual friends wedding! We shared the same values, we care about people, plants, breeding cannabis, and specific plant based therapies we have experience with and our loved ones. We had truly both been down a similar path, a #Cancer fight with loved ones that didn’t go the way we had wished and were looking to fight back on a platform for community and wellness options.

Our vendetta is #Cancer and we knew that our partnership would shine having both experienced deep heart break and felt a sense of responsibility to bring a wellness opportunity to others that were facing hard times and fighting for their life… We also see those of you who are the caregivers as needing a support system, healthy diet, anxiety relief rest and simply a life line of support through some of the most paralyzing experiences life has to offer. #Caregivers

As fate would have it, the Federal Farm Bill of 2018 gave hemp the reality of a future as an American Crop and gave life to Carolina Canna Co…Today in 2020 I am a co-owner at Carolina Canna Co of a team building a beautiful future in the Carolinas region for the hemp/cannabis industry. As a vertically integrated company producing seed to sale products that truly gives farmers and clients the value needed for a sustainable supply chain, I am well on my way to achieving my dreams. We manufacture and private label for other hemp companies looking for reliable sales while we wait on the official FDA and USDA regulations to occur.

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