Covid-19 Response at CCC

With the world in such struggle, Covid 19 has struck, jobs are lost as well as loved ones. We have all been affected by the virus and at Carolina Canna Co we put our customers first. If you have lost a loved one or in fear of losing one during this time, please know we are thinking of you and offering Clean sanitizer to maintain a healthy environment around you. We began like many in the early days of the virus by meeting the need of hand sanitizer supplies for our community and continue to supply quality everytime. We prepare our sanitizer to 70% alcohol infused with thieves essential oil for long lasting coverage and effect on germs/ bacteria. Our solution is anti bacterial, anti viral, and all organic! 

**(Thieves Essential Oil - Clove bud, Cinnamon, Lemon, Eucalyptus, & Rosemary)**

We have created Bundles for our customers favorites and team favorites to help make decision making easier. We also have an option for all bundles to become reoccurring monthly automated drafts so you can plan on your health every month! I highly recommend " The Balance Box " for a start to better understanding our company and the quality we put into every single product!

USE CODE: Covid15 (15% off Sanitizer only)

** Bundles already discounted**

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