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The hemp oil industry is in a tough place, a rigorous cycle that truly needs federal food policies and support. If we can gain sensible federal policy this industry has a huge future that is barely even begun! Its only a matter of time before the crop is commoditized and farmers are back in the drivers seat laying out miles of hemp as the USA strives to be leaders in the hemp industry world wide. Hemp will be a huge future for American agriculture and you're watching it unfold here at Carolina Canna Co.

Food? Yes, hemp should be given food classification to deter its constraints from inhabitable circumstances of food and beverage manufacturers and distributors to legally begin handling this crop at large. Farmers and communities nationwide need this change, and you can play a role! Support CCC as we are a voice in the Carolinas for sensible and compassionate agricultural and dietary producers working closely with university and state officials to lay the groundwork for a sustainable future in hemp.

Have you been farming commodity crops on your old family farm, producing vegetables for your local market, or dreamed of getting into a cannabis/ hemp farming operation? Pay attention as the times are changing, so will the landscape of dietary supplements infused with hemp as well as the daily commercial products at your local grocery stores. At Carolina Canna Co we are hyper focused on Full Spectrum Extract (FSE) which involves the whole plant, its cannabinoids and terpenes which bring the entire qualities into view.

The old way of drug classification on cannabis is changing, slower than we wish, but its happening. The Controlled Substance Act (CSA) has been reset for cannabis/ hemp through the 2018 farm bill making delta-9 tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) legal in cannabis/ hemp as long as it maintains less than (0.3%) total THC. The awareness and benefits of small amounts of THC is growing and the new policies are still TBD. If you are a farmer, I welcome you to join us as we continue to distribute legal compliant seeds that meet the standards of both federal and state law for production. If you are simply seeking a safe and reputable hemp product, your in a safe place, SHOP NOW!

Be apart of the change! Support CCC as a local supplier built from the ground up! We are a small and robust company producing seed to sale for the sheer fact that this industry needs trusted sources in all corners of the country. The new path is in front of us all, and together we can lay the groundwork for a sustainable future. Our world needs community now more than ever as we were all designed to be in community and together we can benefit from local agricultural supported by folks like you that directly impact communities and daily life.

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