“Your product is amazing and it really helped me tremendously with my anxiety. I didnt need much of the product to make a difference. Customer service was efficient and very friendly. I will for sure recommend Carolina Canna Co to all my friends and family. Thank you so much!! The packaging is very nice as well and very appealing! “



I use CCC full spectrum capsules that have aided in a sound nights sleep. It also has helped with any anxiety. I recommend this product. “


“ I have used CCC tincture and capsules for over a year with great results. This product has assisted me in a complete night sleep and i have found it has improved my digestion system as well as some reflux. 

I use the salve on any joint pains for immediate relief. I am a true believer in the natural and organic abilities of this product. “


“ I began a regimen of taking CCC capsules and utilizing the topical salves well over a year ago and have noted very positive effects. 

Regarding the capsules (i will note that i now alternate between capsules and tincture taken typically early in the evenings I get more restful night sleep and even notice less stress and/or anxiousness during the day. I do believe it also helps with my general well being and on just how well i feel on a daily basis. 

The salve has provided noted improvement for any body aches and pains and I will say they occur more often at 63 years of age. In addition, I use the salve to help heal minor cuts and as a healing aid to dry skin. 

The benefits and the natural effects the quality full spectrum products from CCC offer is undeniable. “ 


“ For a number of years I struggled with staying asleep during the night so I began taking a sleep aid but I had growing concerns because of potential side effects. When I learned that low doses of CBD could actually be a healthy alternative I was eager to try it. I have been taking CBD capsules at bedtime for about a year now. The result is much better than expected. Not only do I sleep well, I feel much more rested and refreshed. I also tend to push myself physically with yard work and just moving stuff in and out of the attic. I generally know when I’m doing it but figure it is best just to push through and get it done. I have a history of issues with lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain. Rather than loading up on ibuprofen or prescription pain meds I prefer to use CBD salve directly on the joints or muscles effected and continue my normal evening capsules. What took days or even weeks to improve in the past takes only a day or two now. I’m happy with the results! “ ~Robbin


“ I am a 60 year old woman who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I started using Carolina Canna Co salve about 6 months ago, and let me tell you this product is amazing! Within 15 to 30 minutes the pain was gone. I use this product everyday to keep my pain at bay. I also discovered that this product would help with other issues that I have; planter fasciitis, herniated disc and scientific pain. This product has become my goto for all my aches and pains. If i feel a twinge of pain I put more salve on and its gone. Thank you Carolina Canna Co for your amazing product! “


“ I have been using CBD capsules from Carolina Canna Co for several months. Since i have been taking them my sleep has improved, my joint pain has improved, and as a result i just feel better. The salve also temporarily relieves the pain of arthritis in my fingers. “ 


“ I am a 69 year old woman with aches and pains of course. I have been having  a lot of pain in my lower back and knees. I started to use Carolina Canna Co product “Restore 1500mg”, and my pain is controlled without prescription medication. In the mornings I can spring out of bed and use the salve 3 times a day.  Thank you Carolina Canna Co for your product. 

I also have an 8 year old dog, a Doxie know for having back and joint issues that came in from playing outside recently and was limping badly. I rubbed on the Carolina Canna Co mint salve, gave her a dose of 250mg bacon flavored pet tincture and it helped. I did this three times a day for two days and she is fine with no more limping. “


“ I had a good year with the Spectrum Variety, it grew well with nice buds and nice yield despite a dry summer and the late season worm and weed pressure. Curing worked out well with the tobacco curing barns both with bud and whole plant curing. Carolina Canna was a great help with questions from planting through harvest. “